Hi. Let’s keep this simple. You’re ​here for one of six reasons:

By mistake

There are a lot of Rachel Edd(e)ys out there, ​including a fiddler, a clinical trainee, and an​ actor/singer/writer/comedian. If you’re looking for ​one of them, you can moonwalk away without a ​word. No hard feelings.

Yo​u’re a snooping ex

As you feared, I’m doing great, still look young, and ​have a ton of money.

You read something I wrote

My book, Running of the Bride, came out in 2012 and ​is a bit cringy at this point but whatever. It sold well ​enough that I got a launch party at Barnes & Noble ​on Fifth Avenue but not well enough that I own a ​yacht. Or you read one of my articles in The New ​York Times, Newsday, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia ​Inquirer, St. Petersburg Times, or another ​newspaper or magazine. I’m writing a television ​show now. You’ll probably like it. At least, you’ll say ​you do if we meet under pleasant circumstances ​because—let’s face it—we’re trying to have a ​society here.

We real-life or fake-life connected ​through non-profit fundraising

If someone has asked you for philanthropic support ​over the past 20 years, and you’re sure it’s not that ​one weird uncle who always talks politics at ​Thanksgiving, it might have been me. LinkedIn here. ​My profile is accurate save for the insinuation that I ​do my hair on the regular.

My​ kids

Grayson is a child actor, Thea was the 2023 New ​York State second grade handwriting champion, and ​Macie will charm you out of all you own and all you ​might own in the future.

A connection to Fire Island, where I ​live year-round

It’s a dreamy little beach town with very few cars ​and lots of freedom. In the winter, there are more ​deer than people and, during flood season, it’s not ​uncommon to see household items floating down ​the ​s​treet. My faves so far: a mattress and a loofah.

It’s impossible you’ve sought me ​under any other circumstances, ​but I’m willing to entertain the ​impossible. Here’s my email.